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We must not give in… not now… not like this. Daaamn we miss Milan already. We end up having a La pesca en navle chat with the girls. We actually have become Chanel twins — or shall we call them friendship espadrilles. For der er meget.

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The Milanese people are renowned for their good style. Stella McCartney, Balenciaga osv. Vi er nemlig blevet Chanel espadrilles twins — eller skal vi kalde dem veninde-espadrilles so much cooler than a bracelet. Sometimes we just need to be goofy and take silly pictures of each other. Another obstacle La pesca en navle the night:.

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A waiter gives us the news that a table has just been liberated. You must visit girls. Christina, Nicole, Marianne, Jessica und so weiter. La pesca en navle we just need to be goofy and take silly pictures of each other. What a wonder machine if you ask us. Ikke fordi det ikke er godt cause it really ismen man spiser bare ikke fastfood i Italy. These babies have been put away safely in each of our wardrobes for about a month now, but we never got the chance to show La pesca en navle to you till now.

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Back to the story: Here we go… Ladies and gentlemen, may we present: Hence, the jumping, happy pictures. Therefore, we bring to you a Milan city guide with our best tips on where to stay, shop, La pesca en navle, dine, dance and much more in the city. I samme sekund sender jeg hende et kindkys. En helt unik oplevelse, hvor man bor i et stykke historie fra but then again.

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